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I am Daniel Keelan and I am a fiscal conservative thet believes in the importance of the Social Safety Net.  At the local level, government is expected to deliver certain services from paving roads to protecting its citizens and its visitors. Local government needs to do more than simply do the basics. It needs to prudently invest the tax dollars it collects back into the community through programs that encourage business development, teen activities, safe streets for residents & visitors, safe neighborhoods for its families and “pushing” information out to the taxpayers about how their local government is spending tax dollars and performing its job.

I have over 27 years of management experience working in the Fortune 1000 to successful start ups. I have learned that management is leadership by example and clearly stating what the organization’s goals are and what each contributors’ role is for achieving those goals. Then to ensure that you and your team are progressing towards those goals you invest in your team, you educate your team, you give your team the needed resources, work with your team every day and you inspect what you expect.

My interests in Hamilton Township are focused on open, honest and transparent government, Quality of Life, Smart Growth and reducing the cost of delivering services to residents.