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Hamilton Arts and Cultural District

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In September 2009, a plan for an Arts and Cultural District were unveiled in a Council Meeting. The district would stretch from the Hamilton train station down to the Bromley section, and center around the renowned Grounds for Sculpture attraction.

An ambitious plan that is difficult to oppose.

However, is the plan moving too quickly and with little to no input from the residents of the township and more importantly the residents in the immediate area?

Arts & Cultural District aside, The Bromley Civic Association has been expressing deep concerns about increased violence, drug trafficking, squatters and drug use in the neighborhood. Though the township may cite increased arrests in the area the neighborhood residents would attribute that to an increase in the violence, drugs and other quality of life issues confronting their neighborhood. Therefore, the increased arrests are only stemming the issues and not eliminating them.

It does not seem to be a good idea to send the tourists that we lure here into an area that may endanger them.

There have been complaints that the plan is aggressive in its timeline and lacks neighborhood input in the planning – at this point only allowing comments at public meetings.

Hamiltonians, Public Safety officials and more importantly, Bromley residents need to be at the table along side the planners and the elected officials to develop a final plan to present to the Township Council.


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