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How to run a transparent Hamilton Township Government

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“A popular government, without popular information, or the means of acquiring it, is but a prologue to a farce or a tragedy; or, perhaps, both.” President James Madison


1) Post all open jobs on the Township Website with job descriptions and wages.

2) Advertise all open positions to the public.

3) As a condition for interviewing, for anyone considered for an open position post their resume on the Township Web Site.

4) The hiring manager and Personnel Director would be required to provide a signed affidavit outlining the reason for that hire and submit it to the Municipal Clerk for public review.


1) Bid everything over $10,000.

2) Forbid “comparison” pricing as a basis for a purchasing decision.

3) Upon award of the contract, post all bid responses (winning and losing) on the Township website.

4) The responsible department, persons and Purchasing Department would provide a signed affidavit as to why the successful bidder was awarded the contract.

Public Meetings (Council, Boards and Commissions)

1) Immediately publish to the Township website the Meeting Agendas for each open public meeting

2) One week prior to the next public meeting of Council, Board or Commission have the Meeting Minutes published to the Township website

Township Employment

1) In searchable and sortable list, publish on the Township website all employee names, jobs titles, job descriptions, prior township positions held and wages.

2) All cumulative and monthly overtime paid (hours and amounts)  to Township employees would be posted by the end of the following month and searchable on the Township Website


1) All budget worksheets, which already detail the line item spending from each department would be posted to the Township Website.

2) All budget material would be searchable utilizing basic browser or other search tools.

3) Hold multiple budget hearings and workshops, which would be held in different community buildings throughout the Township.

4) All Directors would be required to attend public budget workshops and public budget hearings that pertain to their department.

Road Projects

1) A simple explanation of road prioritization for paving would be posted to the Township Website

2) A two (2) year plan of road projects would be posted on the Township Website.


1) A clickable map of the Township indicating what areas are zoned for what purpose.

2) Any open Zoning Variance requests would be indicated on that clickable map.

3) A searchable history of any approved Zoning Variances would be published to the Township website.


1) A civiliam Information Officer from the Police Department would be responsible to provide Police Blotter information to the media

2) A civilian Information Officer  from the Police Department would be responsible to update the Township website’s Police Blotter

3) The home page of the Township website would have a visible and direct link to the Police Blotter

4) Prior to any publication with the media, the Police Chief will report in person on the annual Uniform Crime Reportto to Township Council and the Mayor.


1 Comment

  1. larry rosenthal says:

    Dan some of the things might be too involved to put on the web, and civil service does have rules in hiring and their are privacy issues in your hiring suggestions..

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