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Quotable Quotes & Numbers in Hamilton May 27th through June 2nd

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Quotable Quotes

“I have indelibly indicated that I have no intention in resigning.”
Mayor John Bencivengo responding to calls for his resignation

“It wasn’t hidden. Maybe somebody forgot.”
Business Administrator John Ricci commenting on Mayor John Bencivengo’s surprise pay raises

records “held by a law enforcement agency which pertain to any criminal investigation or related civil enforcement proceeding are exempt for disclosure.”

Hamilton Municipal Clerk’s response to Trenton Times OPRA for documents subpeoned by the FBI

“You need to give him something that’s compatible for the mayor. You need a nice 4-wheel drive vehicle. I think it’s smart.”
Former Councilman and DINO, Vinnie Capadanno commenting on the new Township issued vehicle for Mayor John Bencivengo

After all, if an individual is accused of accepting a bribe, who knows what political favor might be granted to those who contribute to his legal fund?
Hamilton resident Charlene Martucci commenting on Mayor John Bencivengo’s canceled Legal Defense Fund event

John Bencivengo – The friends of the embattled Hamilton Township mayor this week canceled a legal defense fundraiser for Bencivengo as two Assembly lawmakers said they would introduce legislation that would require defense funds to adhere to campaign finance laws.
Politickernj.com in naming John Bencivengo to its list of Losers for the week of May 21st.

The Numbers

The % of Hamilton homes for sale compared to 1.9% for Mercer County

# of days since John Bencivengo was charged by the FBI for corruption

Cost of Mayor’s new Chevrolet Tahoe (before police package add-ons)

EPA’s MPG rating for the SUV recently issued to Mayor John Bencivengo

The 2011 increase in embattled Mayor John Bencivengo’s salary over 2008’s

Amount of money that John Bencivengo is accused by the FBI of extorting


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