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20 simple things you can do just once to build a better community.

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Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has. ~ Margaret Mead (1901 – 1978)

Community is about participating along side those who you know, don’t know or simply through a solitary act. Doing so once could become a habit.  If it does become a habit then what was not possible before can now become possible.

Participating in your community can be such a simple unnoticed action that is meaningful only to you. But the action informs you and becomes the backdrop to how you view and yourself within  your community.

1. Shop at a locally owned store

2. Go to a local little league game

3. Pick-up a piece of trash on the the sidewalk and throw it into a trash bin

4. Move a shopping cart left out in the parking lot and place it in the cart return

5. Write a Letter to the Editor about a positive thing or a concern

6. Go to a yard sale

7. Put your loose change into a donation cup at the convience store counter

8. Hold the door open for a stranger

9. If you see a military person at the local store buying a cup of coffee, pay for it

10. Go to a local High School sporting event and cheer for their team

11. Buy a local newspaper

12. Aways stop at a farm stand

13. Go to a Township Council Meeting

14. Wave hello to a police officer

15. Attend a community event

16. Cut the neighbor’s lawn

17. Next time you are at Rita’s water ice, pay for an elderly couples’ water ice

18. Always thank a veteran

19. Always stop at a lemonade stand

20. Volunteer for a day at the YMCA/YWCA


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