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Prior administration took great care of Hamilton – Letters to the Editor July 22, 2012

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When I read letters to the editor from stalwart supporters of indicted Hamilton Township Mayor John Bencivengo and their claims of how “good he has been for the township,” I am astonished at their short memories.

In comparison to the prior administration, this administration has accomplished little, if anything. Yes, the mayor did hold the line on taxes, but only after a 31 percent permanent tax hike!

The administration that preceded Mr. Bencivengo and the present all-Republican council accomplished an astonishing amount in eight years.

The Democratic administration came into office cutting taxes — not raising them. With federal and state grants, it opened the senior center and the Bromley Community Center. It installed live-feed security cameras in the children’s section of Veterans, Bromley, Farmingdale and Connecticut parks. Through a state grant, it beautified Broad Street and Nottingham Way in Mercerville. It rehabilitated the Groveville Community Center, created Anchor Thread park and preserved more open space than has any other administration.

It moved forward with the Hamilton Marketplace (the site of the first Wal-Mart in Hamilton), a project that had been stalled because of vocal opposition, which was addressed by preserving and restoring the Grafton House through a donation from the developer. It beautified the corner of Sayen Gardens in the process of remedying a pre-existing environmental problem. It worked to create the parking deck at the Hamilton train station. It held roving town meetings in different sections of the township. And Hamilton was recognized, for the first time, by CNN, as the 10th safest city in America. Within the letters word limit, it is impossible to provide readers with a complete list of the previous administration’s accomplishments.

— Daniel Keelan, Hamilton The writer was a Democratic candidate for Hamilton Township Council.


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