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We can do it again

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Knowing that taxes seemingly always rise in New Jersey and elsewhere, like others, I want to make sure that my increased taxes are being spent well and in areas that need the investment.

For example, I want to see the municipal government invest more into the resources necessary to do proper street repair in Hamilton. We lack the proper equipment and resources for our township workers to do the job and as a result it requires our Streets Department personnel to do repeated patching of the same pot holes. I want to see the Township invest in the resources that will eliminate the explosion in the proliferation of illegally placed commercial banners, lawn signs and flags in our retail sections of the township, which makes those areas much less appealing to Hamiltonians and to our visitors. The present municipal government is investing nearly $2 million annually to upgrade the township’s vehicle fleet, with that kind of money we could have as impressive a teen center or other community center like we already do with our Senior Center.

I want to know that our Municipal government is representing our war veterans and working men & women to developers who want to build in Hamilton. In the past five years, the township has seen the addition of many a restaurant that offer a variety of foods to Hamiltonians yet none have been constructed by Hamilton’s working men and women or her military veterans.


Fiscal responsibility is as much about quality of life as it is dollars

Granted that the township’s fiscal condition is stable, but given the amount of taxes that we pay that fiscal condition is to be expected and not boasted about.

I want to see the Township change its priorities and begin investing in our teens, veterans, skilled laborers and in our Township workers.

$20 million more in annual spending

The fact is Hamilton spends $100 million annually, which is $20 million more per year than we spent 5 years ago. With $20 million more in spending each of the past 5 years Hamiltonians should have more to point to for those dollars spent. Aside from shiny new dump trucks there is nothing to which we can point.

The past progress that we have seen in the Township was the result of a variety of programs that brought many highly visible improvements. With federal and state grants, the prior administration and Council opened the Senior Center and the Bromley Community Center. We can do the same for a teen center or a Police sub-station. They installed live-feed security cameras in the children’s section of Veterans, Bromley, Farmingdale and Connecticut parks. Through a state grant, it beautified Broad Street and Nottingham Way in Mercerville. It rehabilitated the Groveville Community Center, created Anchor Thread Park and preserved more open space than has any other administration. There are many sections of the Township that would benefit from the same types of improvements. They showed the way and we can have the same progress that we have had before.

The municipal government needs to invest in the residents – teens to seniors – through investments in proper road repair, restoring traffic control to our residential neighborhoods, representing the working men and women to the developers who want to invest here, returning the police force to full capacity, enacting stricter ordinances to allow better enforcement of the laws that directly and visually impact our quality of life and the beautify of the Township.



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