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Free Mapping Program for Municipal Government

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This is a free online mapping service from www.batchgeo.com. I used it to show how simple it would be for the Township to map Citizen Service calls, Police Calls, Pot Holes, the resident’s for senior citizens (to assist with Emergency Management items such as snow removal from their streets), Township property, storm drains, fire hydrants and other items.

To illustrate the usefulness of mapping, I use data from the Township’s Police Blotter for the months of February thru September 2012.

Map from February thru September 2012 of Hamilton Township Police Blotter

To access the “live” map, follow the link below. The online map is easily navigable, allows the user to zoom in to street level, zoom out to neighborhood level and by clicking on the legend in the bottom part of the screen you can filter by police response type.


As you navigate the map, imagine how the Township could use this type of service for public use. Identify the nearest storm drain, the nearest fire hydrant, etc. When a resident opens an online Citizen Service Request they could provide precise location information about graffiti, a pot hole, a street lamp that is out, a flooded storm drain, missing man hole cover, etc.

Additionally, imagine how municipal employees and managers could use it to track assets, incidents or confidential information related to Emergency Management.


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