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School Zone Safety Program – Let’s reinvest on our children’s safety

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Here are two recent letters to the editor of the Times of Trenton discussing the need to improve School Zone Safety. Such a program was  implemented by former Mayor Glen Gilmore. The Township should refresh what was done under Glen Gilmore and begin investing in our school children’s safety.

Assign crossing guards for all our children in Times of Trenton October 10, 2012

Two weeks ago, a child on a bicycle collided with a car at the corner of Estates Boulevard and Yardville-Hamilton Square Road while on the way to school. This corner has had other pedestrian vs. motor vehicle accidents in the past. As a result, two crossing guards have been assigned to work on that corner when the middle school students report to school.

However, there are no crossing guards when the high school students report to school. After inquiries to the Hamilton Township Police Department and the Hamilton Township School Board, it was decided that high school students do not need crossing guards at busy intersections. I implore the Hamilton Township School Board and the Hamilton Township Police Department to work together to protect our high school students at dangerous intersections. Simply because a child is in high school does not mean that child can navigate the busy intersections of Hamilton Township. Assigning a crossing guard just may save a child’s life.

— Ann Marie Korchma,


 Safe passage to school for our children in Times of Trenton October 11, 2012

The letter “Assign crossing guards for all our children” (Oct. 10) calls attention to an important point.

More than a decade ago, Hamilton Township implemented a School Safety Zone program to alert motorists to school-aged pedestrian areas. For example, on Klockner Road by Steinert High School, the township installed highly visible crosswalk signage and rebuilt the crosswalk by replacing the blacktop with contrasting red brick. Additionally, near many of the area’s schools, the township installed more sidewalks and more visible school zone and crosswalk signage.

The investment in that program should not have stopped. In fact, repairs to the crosswalk at Steinert have been done by replacing portions of the red brick with blacktop, which defeats the purpose of contrasting the crosswalk from the roadway.
Since we cannot expect our outstanding police officers to be everywhere and we cannot afford to hire a crossing guard for every intersection, the township should once again invest in the innovations that were being implemented more than a decade ago. Our children’s safety is worth it.

Let’s give our public works employees the materials they need to improve school zone and crosswalk signage, complete sidewalk installations and install more of the digital speed limit signs.

The combination of our committed group of crossing guards (some of the township’s unsung heroes), the assignment of crossing guards to high-risk intersections that the letter writer advocates and reprioritizing and investing in the School Safety Zone program will make our school-aged children much safer.

— Daniel Keelan,



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