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Leaders and Leadership… More Thoughts

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This blog post is about leadership. He contrasts leading from the light with leading from the dark, which is what I believe is happening in Hamilton Township currently and that is why I am reblogging his post.

The author was a Police Chief and thus he talks from that point of view. In no way is this meant to be a commentary of Hamilton Township’s Police Chief.

Improving Police

Some More About Leaders and Leadership

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While some people believe leaders can be made I am of the ilk that holds that leaders must be called – almost in a biblical sense. Those who wish to lead need to first have a passion for the task. Yes, leaders can be trained, developed, improved, but first they have to be called – they must have “fire in their shorts” to teach, develop, and help others grow. Why is that?

I think Parker Palmer says it best. In his book,  Let Your Life Speak,[1]  Parker tells us that  leaders can either project light or shadows on others.

I was determined to select leaders who projected light. On the other hand, leaders who projected shadows had:

  • Deep insecurity about their own worth.
  • Perception of the universe as essentially hostile to human interests (e.g. life is fundamentally a battleground).
  • Belief that the…

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  1. eileenpthornton says:

    Agree with you onm concept of leadership!

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