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Suggested 2013 New Year’s Resolutions for Hamilton Township

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God grant me the serenity To accept the things I cannot change; the courage to change the things I can; and the wisdom to know the difference Reinhold Niebuhr (Serenity Prayer)

Ethics Reform and Transparency

– Strengthen the Township’s Pay-to-Play law
– Reinstitute the Ethics Board
– Enforce and validate all Financial and Election Campaign Contribution disclosure requirements from vendors bidding on Township contracts
– Require all elected officials and Department Directors to register all funds that they operate including charitable, election and legal defense funds
– Broadcast Council, Planning and Zoning Board meetings by sharing Hamilton BOE’s Public Access Channel
– All contracts over $10,000 must go out to advertised open public bidding
– All new Township employment openings to be publically advertised
– Online list of Township employees (including maiden names) and their titles

Public Safety

– Rehire 6 Police Officers
– Publish an online Crime Map
– Reinstitute Bike Patrols in areas of high crime
– Utilize Call Notification System to notify neighborhoods of increases in burglaries and auto thefts in their immediate area

Redevelopment and Job Creation

– Designate Redevelopment Zones
– Offer to owner occupied homes in a Redevelopment Zone 5 to 10 year municipal property tax abatements on certain types of home improvements
– Offer to owner occupied property owners (commercial/industrial/research) within a Redevelopment Zone 5 to 10 year municipal property tax abatements on specific types of property improvements

Street Repair/Snow Removal

– Repair potholes instead of patching potholes. Institute a two patches of same pot hole limit
– Maintain database of elderly and first responders for prioritization of streets for snow removal
– For public understanding, publish the Township’s policy on how streets are selected for paving

Tax Relief and Economic Development

– Increase Township revenues by becoming a Shared Service Provider for neighboring townships.
– Reduce Property Taxes by implementing the Buy Local Program that Marlboro Township has created (http://www.njtvonline.org/njtoday/video/shop-marlboro-rewards-residents-who-support-local-economy-with-tax-credits/).
– Make Economic Development its own Department with a full-time Director. Separate it from the Information Technology Department

Traffic and Pedestrian Safety

– Reinstitute the School Zone Safety Program
o Red Brick Crosswalks and lights at all schools
o PD Traffic Division patrol around schools at start & end of school days
– Improve mid-block crosswalks with lit crosswalks in retail & commercial districts
– Budget to reline our streets and crosswalks
– Install speed bumps & make the process to request speed bumps public & simple
– Install Stop Signs in our residential neighborhoods


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